Do It Yourself (Or Don't)

from by Grey Matter

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Call it catechism, cataclysm we ascended
Surviving only through only methods we invented
Following the bands that bombed the industry before us
Ethics evergreen like we're working for the florist
I'd rather have a label ignore us than compromise
Kick the nazi's out the show, we will not apologize
The scene is what we make it and we're bracing for the storm
Start a fire in the crowd, the kindle keeps our hearts warm

Start a band
Write a song
Years later we're on the grind
Work a job
Pay the bills
What the fucks a bottom line?

To some dudes feeling doomed with some underused potential
Solemn with the problems all identified as mental
Practice unit rental but the Mulligan is Hot
Yeah we say our rhymes loud and we say'm non-stop
To the block where we grew up, shout out to LU
Make our own tapes, represent the whole crew
Book us at the show, you know we'll go hard
Mix the upstrokes for the ska-vant garde

Do it Yourself or don't
You reap what grows from the seeds you sow
Let a record label go and throw the first stone

Hold on to your hats boys a storm is coming through
Its gonna shake the ground beneath us and distort the ocean view
Because the beach is only gorgeous if the sun embraces sand
But when the rain is overhead they scurry onto solid land.
It would be too discouraging to paddle through the waves
Even if the sun behind the clouds is faintly in our gaze
But the legs grow weak when they only sit idle.
Challenging endeavors for the muscle growth is vital.

Even if the wave that pulls you under is a tidal.
Avoiding it only gives a little power to the rival.
I don't see the purpose in hiding behind the curtains when it's certain that the glass that sits behind them isn't perfect

It can shatter any second now
We don't know if it's going to.
The mind is just house but Windows break when bricks are thrown at you.
Shrapnel to the eyes of a decent man in position is the side affect of humans trying to rob him of his vision. So we
Hold fast to what we think we need to do.
Feeling what is best and knowing we don't have a clue.
Walking on our feet but never fitting in the shoe.
Walking on our feet but never fitting in the shoe.


from Visitors, released April 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Grey Matter Michigan

keyboard punx

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