by Grey Matter

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released August 7, 2015

All songs written by Grey Matter.
Guitar/Vocals: Mack Doyle
Keyboards/Vocals: Will McPeek
Bass/Vocals: Jacob Lawrence
Drums: Nick LaForge

Lyrics on Lazarus and 1:58 AM by Andy Weiss
Saxaphone on Call Yourself Out by Jake Kalmink
Marimba on Interlude II by Nick LaForge
Cover Photo by Hailey Lamb
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Jake Kalmink at The Stooge



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Grey Matter Michigan

keyboard punx

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Track Name: Intro (Upgrade)
God these guys are weird
Track Name: 1:58 AM
You woke me up again last night in my dreams not in real life
It's no wonder my head isn't right

But that's how it goes
My light doesn't glow
It hangs in a room where it never shows
And nobody sees, so nobody cares
That's why it's still hanging there
That's life

You woke me up again last night this time in real life
It's no wonder my head isn't right

Was every "I love you" just a lie?
Lately I only reside inside of my mind
Even if there was some sort of peace to find
It wouldn't change the fact that I was left
Track Name: Post-Modern
I've got a thirst for knowledge
A taste for progress
I dropped out of college
but learned higher concepts

Now I work this dead end job because I've got bills and money is tight
Tell myself I'm chasing the dream so I can fall asleep at night

I tried to turn the tide
But I still ruined my life

Locked in the waiting room
Pleading for something new
My dry tongue can't lick the wounds
Rehab from solitude
Track Name: Done
Pressure makes diamonds but you're not my friend
Lie and pretend
Hide behind trends

Not because I can
Because I have to
Drunk back seat crash course in tattoos
Didn't win the lottery
It's just a snafu
Spilled my feelings on the floor of the bathroom

And now we're done

Medicate to permeate your white picket fence
Smash her eggs on the hood of the Mercedes Benz
Track Name: Interlude
Check one, check two
This is how I got over
I'm only a man
I'm not a soldier born in Florida
Fight to grow older in the school of hard knocks
But sometimes you get the cold shoulder from the beat box
All Fox no Moulder
Hold up
Alien spring break just showed up
Now I'm hiding in my basement like the lion from Oz
And I don't have a mane but I do have pause
And claws for the system I was force in
Birth ideas never had an abortion
Track Name: Dead Ends
This is how the walls collapse

There's nothing more to see
There is no more to me
Except a fucking joke
And a white collar dream
These lasting thoughts could fit in a forty ounce bottle
This tragic model could swallow me whole

I'm done being a fiend
Demons reaching deep
The Devil's on my back
Or if not he better be
Late to the party
Scaling the ladder
Swallowing pride that's served on a platter
Held softly in my hands
Delicately laced plans
Stopped on the way to the place to wait for someone to understand
And until then I'll wait in silence

Wolves wearing fleece
Folded hearts get creased
Track Name: Interlude II
Making destructive decisions takes practice
Feeling the saddest
Hug the cactus
Crunk intergalactic
Funk grows on the maddest
But now I'm done with that
Right decisions?
Muddy puddles
Breaking out of prison
Serum visions of the future
Wait until I'm older and cuter
Get hard-wired Apple computers

Make lots of money and get neutered
Make lots of funny and get in her
But my inner me hates itself
But my inner me is on that shelf
Stolen rings like pissed off elves
Stolen kings like ring old bells
I'm cold, covered in plastic
She's asthmatic
Looks like I need more practice
Track Name: Underneath
This is how I told you it'd never be
Tearing the roots out from under our family tree
Burning down the forestry
Ashes meant more to me

Translate through boundaries
Pouring concrete
Rebuilding all of my abandoned self-esteem

I can't find the words
Blind from being seen
I'll sleep with the worms
All I see is dirt
Track Name: Call Yourself Out
Cuts and bruises I can't explain
Feeling left out of your life
I should have never tried
Giving and taking
Feeling dead behind the eyes
This is nothing new

Under my skin you're crawling
These chills keep me from calling you out
Call yourself out

Actions that lasted
Passions retracted
Reading your feelings at night
Light up plastic
Shattered glass in the attic of my mind
Nasty habits that don't give me peace of mind

You're two cents doesn't pay for a phone call home
Track Name: Reprise
It burns
The light
My life